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Tennessee Centennial Expostion of 1897



Tennessee Expo Medal with Giant See-Saw


Tennessee Centennial Exposition 1897, a lead-alloy medal, formerly bronzed (traces remaining)

Obv: a view of the Giant Seesaw, the base of which in high relief, GIANT SEE-SAW 20TH CENTURY SOUVENIR each side, CARS CARRY 25 PEOPLE AND GO 200 FT HIGH above, VIEW FROM CLOUD LAND in clouds, at top TENNESSEE CENTENNIAL EXPOSITION, in exergue MAY 1 - OCT 30 1897 NASHVILLE, TENN.

Rev: views of various exhibition buildings (all named) within and around central circle, TENNESSEE CENTENIAL EXPOSITION NASHVILLE TENN. around, dates below

Diameter: 76mm

Notes: Originally planned to open in 1896, the centenary celebration fair for the foundation of Tennessee did open on 1st May 1897. Attendance over the following six months was 1,676,000 people. Surviving examples of these medals in good condition (as here) are very rare.

Giant See-Saw MedalNashville Tenn medal
This medal looks bronze, different than the top medal in while metal. Same size, etc.


The Tennessee Centennial Exposition, held in Nashville in 1897 to celebrate Tennessee's one-hundredth anniversary of statehood, was one of the largest and grandest of a series of industrial expositions that became hallmarks of the New South era. Modeled in particular after the Chicago Columbian Exposition in 1893, it featured exhibitions on the industry, agriculture, commerce, and transportation of the state as well as displays on the educational and cultural achievements. More from Tennessee Encyclopedia


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