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After you have been a medal collector for a while, you discover the best medal dealers and leaders in the medal collecting industry. You will then end up knowing the people and organizations listed below.

Most of these dealers also have been kind enough to share pictures and info about exposition medals with us..

Presidential Coin & Antique Co, Inc. Joe Levine is an industry leader and has a wonderful annual auction of medals.

SC Tokens - - the first and only website dedicated exclusively to South Carolina tokens, medals, and other miscellaneous collectibles.

Bob Berman - coins-tokens-medals - this ebay seller has a good selection of quality so called dollars, expo official and award medals.

Historical-Rarities-N-Collectibles - has very top quality medals and so-called dollars.

Art Medals Paris France - Selling Medals for about seventy years. In our eBay stores, you will find a wide range of Quality World Art Medals, Historical Medals as well as other collectibles. Beautiful medals, real pieces of art and Gift ideas!

Stacks has wonderful medal auctions.
Heritage has wonderful medal actions.
Early American

Ebay -This is where most medal collectors start (and keep) buying.
World's Fair Auction Souvenirs and Historical Pieces From All Fairs 1851 - 1992

COINSHEET Numismatic Directory is a comprehensive worldwide resource for coin and currency related websites, which includes over 3000 listings.


Non dealer contributors include: Sean Murphy

Though not a dealer, Ron Abler specializes in 1876 Centennial medals and tokens. He has catalogued over 900 examples so far, and is working on a book for future publication. Ron welcomes questions and comments about these 1876 medals and tokens. He can be contacted at

If you know of any good links, please let me know. Contact info on home page.
Robert Fowler, medal collector


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