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1893 Award Medal

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SAINT GAUDENS' COLUMBIAN EXPOSITION OFFICIAL AWARD MEDAL, 1893. Eglit 90; Baxter 87; Marqusee 348. 76.3mm. Bronze. Augustus Saint Gaudens (Obv.) & Charles Barber (Rev.),Sc. Choice Uncirculated. Obverse with a full length figure of Columbus stepping ashore on the soil of the New World. Barber's reverse design features a large central cartouche with a six line commemorative inscription. Above is a globe flanked by two semi-nude females, and at bottom, a view of a sailing ship,. The cartouche is flanked by torches to either side. The medal is named to: PERCY SIMUNDT The medal is housed in its original aluminum presentation box and is accompanied with an engraved card that reads: WORLD'S COLUMBIAN EXPOSITION/ AWARD MEDAL/ AND/ ALUMINUM CASE/ MADE BY/ SCOVILL MANUFACTURING COMPANY/ WATERBURY, CONNECTICUT,/ U.S.A.

Gilt 1893 Award MedalGilt Award Medal of 1893 Columbian Exposition Gilt Award Medal

Same as above medal but gilt finish. Maybe this was for a gold medal winner.

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