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1901-1902 Charleston
South Carolina Interstate and West Indian Exposition Medals

1200 medals were awarded - 571 gold, 335 silver, and 283 bronze
There are solid bronze, silver, silver-plated, gold and gold-plated specimens.

1901-1902 Exposition Gold Award Medal

One of the 571 Gold Award Medals is pictured above. It is 64mm and it one of the most beautiful of all the exposition award medals that we have seen. This is not gild, but rather gold plated over bronze. On the edge it has "Gorham " and "bronze". As was the custom in other expositons, the Gold Medal is gold plated over bronze.

Silver Award Medal 1901-1902 Charleston South Carolina Interstate and West Indian Exposition

1901-1902 Exposition Silver Award Medal

1901-1902 Charleston Silver Award MedalMedal Awarded To

1901-1902 Exposition Silver-Plated Bronze Award Medal


The 64mm medals pictured above is, without a doubt, a masterpiece of the engraver's art. Issued in 1902 by the South Carolina Interstate and West Indian Exposition, specimens were struck by the Gorham Manufacturing Company in bronze, silver-plated bronze, and gold-washed bronze. The medal features an allegorical figure seated between two palmetto trees, cradling a ship in her left arm and holding a sceptre in her right hand. Depicted to her right is a view of Fort Sumter and, to her left, a scene showing the fine homes on East Battery.

A total of almost 1200 medals were awarded - 571 gold, 335 silver, and 283 bronze - to exhibitors in several divisions. All the medals are marked on the edge with the Gorham hallmark and what type of composition. If a silver medal is marked "bronze" on the edge then it is silver-plated bronze. If it is marked "silver" then it is silver. The Gold medal as was the custom with other expositions, we gold-plated bronze.

The 31 categories for which medals were awarded included: agricultural products, agricultural machinery, live stock, foods and accessories, beverages, horticulture and pomology, forestry, fish and fisheries, mines and metallurgy, gas engines and acetylene generators, electricity and electrical appliances, transportation, ordnance, chemicals, leather, furniture, hardware, jewelry and watches, manufactures and fabrics, graphic arts, paper and stationery, education, photographs, medical and dental instruments, engineering, hygiene and sanitation, constructive architecture, music and musical instruments, oil paintings, installation, and books.

The immediate medal image above and info provided by South Carolina Tokens


Fort Sumter Dollar SCCharleston South Carolina Silver Medal

Fort Sumter Dollar

Sliver medal form the South Carolina Inter-State and West Indian Exposition of 1901-1902

Obverse: Tall palm tree and village scene within center circle; outside, around South Carolina Inter-State and West Indian Exposition.
Reverse: Fort, below Fort Sumter SC — within a wreath of flowers; outside, around 1901 Charleston 1902, below South Carolina.
HK-292 - Silver-plated Copper, rather thin planchet. Weight 32.7 grams, size 32.7mm.

Token of gold medal award SC Interstate & West Indian Expo 1901 - 1902  award medal token

Token Replica of Gold Medal

S. Carolina Interstate & West-Indian Expo Token~1901-2
An interesting metal token or coin that was for the South Carolina Interstate & West-Indian Exposition 1901 to 1902. It is marked at bottom "Charleston, South Carolina, 1901-2" & the token maker. The reverse side is for a gold medal award given to Lane Mfg. Co. It measures 32 mm in diameter & has a gold plated finish.

SC bronze award medalAwarded To:

South Carolina Agricultural and Mechancial Society Award Medal

07 SOUTH CAROLINA A&M SOCIETY AWARD MEDAL. $117.50 SOUTH CAROLINA AGRICULTURAL AND MECHANICAL SOCIETY, ND. Lindesmith Unlisted. 4.4mm. Bronze. Peter Krider, Sc. Red and brown Uncirculated. Obverse with the legend, SOUTH CAROLINA AGRICULTURAL AND MECHANICAL SOCIETY around a montage composed of a palmetto tree, sheaf of wheat, bale of cotton, barrel, an anvil on a stump, a plow, pitchfork and a rake. Signed P.L. KRIDER in tiny letters to the right of the cotton bale. On the reverse, an open wreath encloses AWARDED TO/ above an uninscribed center.
Medals such as this were awarded at the South Carolina State Fair. After the Civil War, the state agricultural society revived under its present name and held its first post-war fair in 1869. The fair is said to have had a political role through the Reconstruction years, ... “as a rallying point for Carolina Democrats opposed to Republican control of the state government. A 1916 history says that the fair was 'the only bond between the white people of the state' while they suffered under 'alien' Republican rule.”
SC token South Carolina

South Carolina Token with State Seal


Exposition Purpose: To advertise city’s port, geographical position and potential for trade with West Indies and Central and South America

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