Award Medals – 1883 SOUTHERN EXPOSITION Louisville KY

The Southern Exposition held in Louisville in 1883 not only showcased the products from the South, such as cotton, but the Exposition also showcased Kentucky made products and embraced the new technology of the North such as electric lights. The Southern Exposition may have tried to convey to the world that the show would showcase the South, but the exposition actually became a blending of the modern technology with agriculture, which fits more traditionally with Kentucky’s linking with both the North and South.


It measures 2 13/16 inches across and is 5/16 of an inch thick. On the front it pictures two gentlemen shaking hands in the lower center, a bust on a pedestal and an artist’s brushes and pallet on the left and on the right is a gear, a blacksmith’s anvil and a hammer. There is also an eagle with out spread wings above a long image of a hall which has 30 flags displayed across it in the center. It is signed P.L. Krider under the left bottom edge of the hall of flags and Philadelphia to the right side of the lower edge.


On the reverse it has the winners name and what category and the date, 1883.

Surely there must have been other medals of the 1883 Southern Exposition in Louisville KY. If you have an image of another medal to share please send to us.