1887 Piedmont Atlanta Exposition medal

Medals 1887 Piedmont Exposition Atlanta GA

Examples of an award medal, Grover Cleveland medal and a souvenir medal from The Piedmont Exposition, held during October 1887.

It was a more regional event, with nearly 20,000 visitors on opening day. A crowd of more than 50,000 was on hand when Grady introduced the popular U.S. president, Grover Cleveland. After the exposition closed, civic leaders agreed that it had successfully expanded Atlanta’s reputation as a place to visit and to conduct business

Award Medal 1887 Piedmont Exposition Atlanta GA


This bronze award medal is the only example we have seen from the Piedmont Exposition. 45 mm. Very rare. 

Reverse side of Award Medal 1887 Piedmont Exposition


This appears to be an unwarded medal

Grover Cleveland Medal- Piedmont Exposition Co.

Grover Cleveland – Piedmont Exposition Co. – Atlanta, GA Oct. 10-22, 1887. 35mm. Condition as Made White Metal, Prooflike Surfaces. High relief bust of Grover Cleveland.

Grover Cleveland – Piedmont Exposition Co.

Exposition Building on reverse.

Our President Grover Cleveland Medal – Piedmont Exposition

1 1/4 inch in diameter. Our President * Grover Cleveland –

Souvenir Medal Piedmont Exposition Atlanta GA

1 1/4 inch in diameter. Our President * Grover Cleveland –

Piedmont Exposition Main Building Medal

Aluminum, 31.8 mm, 8.13 gm white medal. This is for the Piedmont Exposition of 1889 in Atlanta, GA. Obverse features the main building with the words PIEDMONT EXPOSITION across the top and the words Main Building at bottom. Reverse has the Phoenix rising from the fire and 1864 RESURGENS and 1889 and ATLANTA GA at bottom.

The 1887 Piedmont Exposition, part state fair and part industrial exposition, attracts large crowds. The exposition features livestock shows, an art gallery, competitive games, examples of domestic arts, horse and bicycle races, balloon ascensions, and a visit by President Grover Cleveland.

1889 — On February 20, the Piedmont Exposition Company uses proceeds from the Piedmont Exposition to purchase land from the Driving Club.

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