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1915 San Francisco Panama-Pacific International Exposition Medals

Award Medal Examples so far are Silver Plated and Bronze. Bronze medals have different appearances. Using an elaborate set of rules and a point system, there were six classes of awards:
Grand Prize (Best of Class)
Medal of Honor (95-100 points)
Gold Medal (85-94 points)
Silver Medal (75-84 points)
Bronze Medal (60-74 points)
Honorable Mention (without medal)

Gold plated award medal 1915 expo

1915 Gold Plated Bronze Medal of Award

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This is a large 70mm 133.8 gms medal struck in gold plated bronze. These were awarded as the top prize for many of the products or exhibits. Some come with a presentaton box.


1915 sivler plate award medal1915 medal of award

1915 Silver Plate Award Medal

Pan-Pac International Exposition Bronze Award Medal, 1915.Bronze award medal San Francisco Exposition 1915

1915 Bronze Award Medal

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1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition Award Medal
Bronze silver plate, 70.6mm. 180 grams. By John Flanagan. Obv. Robust nude man and woman stand in sea. Mankind joined by Divine Difference. Rev. Expo towers, palms and Medal Of Award with no name. Sales Prices Noticed Jan 2008 $104 Ebay
Official medal of 1915 Panama Pacific Exposition

1915 Silver Medal

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1915 Pan-Pacific Exposition Medal. The official exposition medal, struck at the U.S. Mint exhibit on the expo grounds. Silver Strikings such as above example, also bronze and gilt brass strickings. Medallic sculpture by Robert Ingersoll Aitken (1878-1949). Silver 100 to 200 known, Brass 500 to 800, Gilt brass 300 to 500 known.

Included in the reference book 100 Greatest American Medals and Tokens and So-Called Dollar. HK-399.

1915 Official Gilt Medal

1915 Pan-Pac Bronze Medal

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1915 Pan-Pac Medal

1915 Pan-Pac Bronze Medal

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Bronze offficial 1915 Pan-Pacific Expo medal

1915 Pan-Pac Bronze Medal

Bronze medal - 1915 Pan-Pacific Exposition Medal. The official exposition medal, struck at the U.S. Mint exhibit.




Several states issued medals in advance of exposition as one means of raising funds for exhibition purposes; usually sold for $1. There medals have "FOR STATE EXPOSITION FUND". Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Maryland, Mississippi, Montana, North Carolina, Kentucky, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee.

For Arkansas Exposition Fund

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Rare 1915 NGC MS64 HK-403 Arkansas Panama Pacific Exposition So Called Dollar .
1915 Pan-Pac Florida State Fund MedalFor Florida Exposition Fund - State Fund Dollar

For Florida Exposition Fund


For Florida Exposition Fund - 1915 Pan-Pac Expo - Silver-Plated Bronze - HK-404

California The Exposition State

Califorina The Exposition State San Francisco
1915 Panama Canal Completion Exposition

For Georgia Exposition Fund


FOR GEORGIA EXPOSITION FUND - Bronze. - 40mm. - HK-405 -
Panama Pacific International Exposition in 1915Obverse: Within circle, edifice; Louisiana Building below; around Panama-Pacific International Exposition · San Francisco 1915 Reverse: Within circle, variation of State Seal, superimposed upon lower portion of edifice and grounds; outside, around For Louisiana Exposition Fund * Union Justice Confidence *

Union - Justice - Confidence - 1915 Expo Fund DollarPanama-Pacific International Exposition 1915  For Louisiana Exposition Fund

For Louisiana Exposition Fund


For Maryland Exposition Fund

For Maryland Exposition Fund

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For Tennessee Exposition Fund1915 Tennesse Expo Fund Medal

For Tennessee Exposition Fund

Also see 1915 San Diego Panama California Medals

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