Medals 1933 Century of Progress Exposition Chicago

The 1933 Century of Progress International Exposition, held in Chicago, was organized to celebrate the city’s centennial. It was themed around technological innovation and the progress of the past century. It aimed to inspire optimism during the Great Depression, showcasing advancements that promised a better future.

Award Medals of the 1933 Chicago Exposition

Quite honestly, I am not sure if the traditional gold, silver and bronze award medals were issued for this expo. We have the nice example of the medal below but it seems to be more of a commemorative medal than an award medal. If you have any information about award medals issued please send me an email from the privacy link at the bottom of this page. Thanks. -Robert

1833 – 1933 Century of Progress International Exposition Chicago medal in bronze. Sculpted by Emil Zettler. Semi-nude man with outstretched arms, RESEARCH, INDUSTRY, 1833, and 1933 on obverse. Approximately 2.75 inches.

Map of Chicago and the Chicago World’s Fair grounds center with A CENTURY OF PROGRESS, INTERNATIONAL EXPOSITION, CHICAGO, and 1933 around on reverse

Chicago Expo Attendance:

The exposition ran from 1933 to 1934, drawing approximately 39 million visitors over its two seasons. The high attendance reflected the public’s interest in the themes of progress and innovation, especially in the challenging economic climate of the time.

Notable Inventions and Products:

Homes of Tomorrow Exhibition: This featured futuristic home designs with innovative materials and technologies, some of which have become standard in modern construction.
First Major Display of Television: RCA presented an early television broadcast, showcasing technology that would transform media and entertainment.
The Sky Ride: An engineering marvel of its time, it provided visitors with an aerial view of the fairgrounds and symbolized the progress of transportation and structural engineering.
Stainless Steel: The fair marked the debut of stainless steel in architecture, notably in the construction of the Chrysler and General Motors pavilions.

Notable Expo Attendees:

Albert Einstein: He visited the exposition and gave a series of lectures on the theory of relativity and other scientific topics.
Franklin D. Roosevelt: The President of the United States attended the exposition, underscoring its national significance and the administration’s support for science and technology as pathways out of the Great Depression.

The 1933 Century of Progress Exposition stands out as a landmark event that not only celebrated human achievement and technological advancement but also offered hope and inspiration during a period of economic hardship.