Award Medals of World’s Fairs & Expositions

Welcome to, a guide for collectors of award medals from expositions and World’s Fairs in both America and Europe. Our website is designed to provide comprehensive information and resources for enthusiasts and collectors alike. This site is produced by Robert Fowler, a collector of these medals.

Medal Collections

Below you will find links to various expositions and fairs, each with its own detailed overview. First we have links to the American Expositions, listed in chronological order, followed by a list of European Expositions and World’s Fairs.
Once you follow the link to an exposition page, you will find a fascinating glimpse into the history and significance of each event, along with digital examples of the award medals and in-depth descriptions, covering the types of medals awarded, their design elements, and the historical context in which they were created.

American Expositions

Europe Expositions

Collector Resources

At the very bottom of every page, including this page, you will find valuable links to resources specifically for collectors. Whether you’re looking for information on how to start collecting, tips on acquiring award medals, or best practices for storing and displaying your collection, our resource section has you covered.